About Taj Palace

The Taj Palace features the finest in Northern Indian Cuisine. We offer Tandoori Clay Oven specialties, and our head chef has created a Vegan Lovers Haven featuring vegan and vegetarian delights.

What is Tandoor?

Many items on our menu are cooked in a Tandoor Oven. The word tandoori means “pertaining to the tandoor” and is used to describe food cooked in a tandoor.

A tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven used in cooking and baking. The tandoor is traditionally heated by charcoal or wood fire burning within the actual tandoor, thus exposing the food to both a live fire, radiant heat cooking, and hot air, convection cooking. The oven remains lit for long periods of time to maintain the high temperature. The temperature can reach 480 degrees. Dishes such as Tandoori Chicken, Seekh Kebab, Roti and Naan are just a few of of the dishes and breads cooked in the Tandoor.

What is Saag?

Saag is a dish made mostly with leafy greens, such as spinach. Tomatoes, onions, garlic and spices, like cumin and cinnamon blend to make a milder Indian dish. Saags are often combined with meat, fish and vegetables to create an awesome main course. This meal is best complimented with Tandoori Clay Oven Naan.

Try one of our saags today…Chicken Saag, Lamb Saag and Saag Paneer (a vegetable dish.)